Mobile (D)OOH: Mobile, Dynamic, Everywhere

In an ever-changing world, mobile (D)OOH advertising combines innovation, technology, and creativity to bring brand messages directly to the heart of urban life.

Mobile (D)OOH: Mobile, Dynamic, Everywhere

In an ever-changing world, mobile (D)OOH advertising combines innovation, technology, and creativity to bring brand messages directly to the heart of urban life.

In an ever-changing world, mobile (D)OOH advertising combines innovation, technology, and creativity to bring brand messages directly to the heart of urban life.

Mobile (D)OOH - Vibrant advertising right in the middle of life!


Our everyday life takes place in a dynamic and highly differentiated world. We are extensively connected, always on the move, and information is transmitted in a split second, detached from time and space. Wondering why mobile (D)OOH strategies are perfect for advertising in this context? Find out in this blog post! 

OOH stands for "out of home," but it doesn't just offer advertising opportunities in the open air. It also covers public places like department stores, shopping centers, gas stations, bus and train stations, subway stations, airports, and even semi-public areas like gyms, leisure centers, and dining establishments. 

Wherever your prospects are, your message is already there – on walls, occasionally on floors or other surfaces, accompanying them throughout their daily routines – always in sight. Whether it's a spontaneous promo, a long-planned campaign, or an event, mobile outdoor advertising is an attention-grabber that captures the dynamics and pace of our bustling lives and aligns perfectly with the pulse of the times. 

Dynamic and always on the move – Types of mobile advertising


Outdoor advertising isn't just about traditional billboards and posters anymore. It's more lively and exciting than ever. Mobility with routes tailored to the clientele, a wide reach, broad acceptance, and a high recall value – all these speak for mobile advertising. Such strategies not only enhance customer contact but often surprise and unexpectedly become part of the cityscape. Innovative approaches, like a food truck or LED-truck, turn your advertising message into part of a memorable event, engaging multiple senses, much like a street art performance. Thus, your message naturally stays longer in the minds of the prospects and is positively associated. Examples of modern mobile outdoor advertising include:



Our brightly illuminated LED-Truck serves as your flexible beacon on the road. Those seeking even more impact can book an entire column of LED-Trucks, parading through the streets. Thanks to its size, the truck provides ample space for impactful messages, standing out with its vibrant LED lights. This way, you can send your message to the world at any time of day, night, or season.


For those who place a high value on sustainability and want to be noticed not just on roads but also in places where motorized vehicles aren't allowed, our LED-Bikes are the answer. Small, agile, yet with a big impact.

Wrapped Bus

Take a more traditional route with our Wrapped Bus: We forego moving images in favor of a generous 100 square meters of advertising space. We wrap an entire bus in your advertisement and zip through the city. Positioned at the most popular touchpoints or as a mobile advertising platform cruising the heavily frequented shopping streets, your message receives attention in an XXL format.

Echo Truck

With 18 square meters of advertising space, the trucks serve as a mobile billboard, both on the road and at selected locations. Whether in front of an exhibition hall, airport, or train station – we're where your target group gathers, nationwide. Craving an extra dose of attention? Simply opt for a whole column of trucks!

Echo Ape

The Echo Apes score with their compact size: You can spread your message both indoors and outdoors, perfectly mingling among people at festivals and trade shows. Your message will be especially memorable when paired with a culinary highlight, using the Apes as a mobile minibar or Coffee-Ape.

DOOH – More than just an addition to mobile outdoor advertising

Traditional mobile outdoor advertising has been complemented by DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) strategies. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association, current trends in the mobile outdoor advertising sector indicate that DOOH measures are gaining traction and interest among the public. More than a third of the budget for outdoor advertising goes to DOOH initiatives. In strategic campaign planning, elements that can be quickly adapted to short-term developments are invaluable: spot length, frequency, and runtime can all be adjusted to reflect current developments, allowing the ads to resonate with current sentiments and connect emotionally. This adaptability is what sets DOOH apart from traditional OOH, which is less flexible and often requires more extended planning. Another advantage of DOOH is the option of context-based targeting, allowing for different content to be displayed depending on the time and place.

 When is mobile outdoor advertising particularly effective?


Outdoor advertising is undeniably effective, reaching vast numbers of people across all demographics with relatively minimal effort. It's often intuitively understood, regardless of educational background and even language skills. It's widely accepted as a legitimate form of advertising in society. Besides traditional OOH formats, DOOH is also well-received. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association, more than half of the German population views display advertising as progressive and appealing.


Mobile outdoor advertising can be brilliantly integrated into a cross-media campaign or used as a one-time advertising measure. Popular locations for these ads are trade shows or events where the ads stand out amongst a crowd of competitors and draw guests' attention to a specific brand or campaign. Creating a buzz is also achievable with mobile OOH strategies. For brand showcasing or message dissemination, pop-up events or guerrilla marketing campaigns are ideal. These might even garner attention on social media. Other occasions include trade shows, festivals, concerts, or smaller events like store or restaurant openings. With a well-thought-out route plan, you can target your prospects precisely at the right time, ensuring efficient and effective advertising.


Locations for mobile (D)OOH


High visibility to the target audience is the goal of every advertising effort, making placement a primary strategic focus. High-traffic areas frequented by your desired clientele are invaluable. Depending on the theme and occasion, these might include main roads, public facilities like train stations and airports, or semi-public places like stadiums, shopping malls, or amusement parks. If your campaign targets travelers, ads near transportation hubs are sensible, while targeting families might be best in a leisure center. Mobile offerings ensure additional visibility even in areas typically devoid of ads. Whether amidst a crowd at a trade show, with a Coffee Ape, with an LED-Truck in traffic, or at a neighborhood festival – you can be active anywhere, ensuring you capture your target audience's attention.


Smartly combined – How mobile outdoor advertising harmonizes with other marketing channels


Mobile outdoor advertising stands out due to its flexibility and potential for short-term deployment. As a mass medium, mobile OOH advertising often becomes a conversation starter, blending seamlessly into everyday surroundings, and sometimes enhancing the aesthetic of daily life. Any potential drawbacks can be offset with static OOH assets or more individualized DOOH efforts. Other channels can also supplement mobile outdoor advertising. The combination with online marketing efforts, for instance, can be particularly beneficial. QR codes on ads can guide prospects directly to your website, social media profile, or online shop. When effectively combined, mobile outdoor advertising can become a driving force in a comprehensive marketing strategy, engaging prospects in the physical and digital world.


Conclusion: Mobile (D)OOH – Modern advertising in the rhythm of life


Mobile (D)OOH advertising enables companies to integrate their messages seamlessly into the everyday lives of their prospects, adapting quickly to current developments and making an impact. By being dynamic, flexible, and always on the move, it mirrors our lives and ensures that the message is seen, appreciated, and remembered. With the combination of traditional OOH and digital DOOH strategies, brands can achieve a balance between static and dynamic, ensuring they are always where their customers are. In a world where advertising is omnipresent, it's essential to stand out, and mobile outdoor advertising is a crucial strategy for brands that want to make a lasting impression.


Do you want to make your advertising vibrant, dynamic, and memorable? Then opt for mobile (D)OOH and be right in the middle of life. If you're interested in discussing how mobile (D)OOH can be integrated into your next advertising campaign, contact our team today! We'd love to assist you in making your brand unforgettable.


Feeling inspired enough? Then let's get started!

You can see that outdoor advertising is diverse, innovative, and perfectly adaptable to your plans and needs. With Echo Poster, you have a competent partner by your side who can assist you in leveraging these advantages for your marketing strategy. Do you have any questions or ideas? Get in touch, and we'll be happy to assist you!



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