Road Show with Coffee and Lemon

Podimo started in 2019 as a Danish startup and has since established itself on the market, primarily as an app for audio content. In addition to audio books, the app, which can be used on smartphones and tablets, offers an impressive selection of high-quality podcasts. On the occasion of the launch of the new podcast "Coffee with Lemon" with influencer Dagi Bee, we started a field marketing and activation campaign for Podimo. We also accompanied the campaign with the camera for social media: It started with the Piaggio coffee bar – of course there was coffee with lemon – for 1 week each in trendy malls in Düsseldorf and Cologne and 2 days in Berlin.


Labeling and preparation as well as organization of the event

Our promoters distributed stickers and floor stickers around the Piaggio coffee bar in the respective mall to ensure additional reach and to draw the attention of people not on social media to the campaign.


Piaggio Coffee Bar

We promoted the app and podcast with our Piaggio coffee bar and made people remember us by handing out free coffee with lemon as well as tartufo. A special treat: Influencer Dagi Bee was also on site at times.


Promotional Video

The promotional video created by us provides insights into the campaign and stimulates curiosity about the podcast and app.



We designed merch for the podcast that puts “Coffee with Lemon” and Podimo in the spotlight with stylish printed items, shirts, and other merchandizing.



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