Flyer distribution is so 90s Promotion 2.0

How many flyers have you been handed in your life? And how many of them have you read? We'll tell you how to do it better.

Flyer distribution is so 90s Promotion 2.0

How many flyers have you been handed in your life? And how many of them have you read? We'll tell you how to do it better.

How many flyers have you been handed in your life? And how many of them have you read? We'll tell you how to do it better.

Every Berliner knows the flyer distributors who try to get flyers for nearby restaurants into your hand on Ku'damm. Similar advertising campaigns are taking place all over Germany. Do not do that!


We have been doing promotion for 15 years and have gained a lot of experience during this time. In this article, we would like to give you a few tips on how to properly implement promotion and field marketing.

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Not every product is suitable for a promotional campaign. Other products, on the other hand, are very suitable. The coordination between the advertising target, site selection, promoters, and extras will determine whether the promotion is successful or not. Targeting will make the main difference in the end.

We advise you and help you chose the right tools and options that field marketing offers to ensure your promotion is well received and, above all, successful.



Anyone who advertises must know their target group and where they are. This knowledge is the be-all and end-all of a successful promotion campaign. If top touchpoints can be identified, the effectiveness of your promotion campaign increases many times over. We can also customize promotional campaigns and plan promotions that fit the location.
For example, a beer tasting (free Sterni beer) at the Hemp Parade, or a mulled wine APE with free mulled wine at the ice rink just before the contemplative Christmas holidays.


Time is just as important as the choice of location. You should always factor in seasons, days of the week, and times of day into your planning. After all, at 9 a.m. on a Monday morning in December, you will have more trouble convincing someone to come beer tasting than you will at 7 p.m. on a warm summer weekend.


Usually a cool individual outfit works best. Something that fits the company and in which the promoters also feel comfortable. Because that is the only way to work effectively and productively. Costumes and elaborate or "funny getups" should usually be avoided because they often do not come across as authentic and can very quickly even be damaging to your brand. We conceptualize and produce any kind of branded clothing, suitable for any occasion. Of course, the clothing should always be adapted to the season – especially in winter.



Handing out information leaflets is so 90s. Handing out flyers does not work. Passers-by need a good reason to stop. Unless there is a 100-dollar bill lying on the street, it is not that easy.

If you have already coordinated time, location, and clothing well, your promotion will already be more successful than the 80% of promotions where these factors played a secondary role in the planning. But the promotion has to be good. Really good, in fact, otherwise it will probably be scrapped because it was "too successful" after the first miserable attempt.

Joking aside ... So, what do we do to make the promotion successful?
We think about what the target audience likes. People like friendly faces and motivated promoters, that is for sure.


Street branding

But how do we get passers-by to pay attention to us in the first place? How do we get them to notice us? In promotion street branding and OOH can have a big impact on passers-by. OOH and street branding already activate passers-by subconsciously and give them a taste. They can increase interest in the promotion. We have a huge range of street branding services for promotion campaigns.


Eye-catcher for more visibility


We are advocates of eye-catching roadshows, good baristas with cute coffee APEs, ice cream stands, or really cool food trucks.

Furthermore, the classic eye-catchers such as promotion vehicles or stands help.

These extras are often the most effective means of pushing a high-quality and successful promotion to the next level.


Add-ons that everyone is up for

Passers-by like things they get for free. But lighters and gummy bears are not what they used to be either. So here, too, it is time to think of something else.
We recommend something fancy. In the beverage or food industry it is easy: sampling (distribution campaign of products) is the road to success. With other products or services, however, this usually does not work. We recommend using other giveaways.

We prefer to focus on lifestyle products that people also like to consume in their free time. For products that require a lot of explanation, for example, an espresso or a delicious ice cream will make the prospect stop and listen to your story – and maybe even book directly. And if combined with a dinky Piaggio APE or a funky ice cream truck the appearance becomes really likeable. The campaign could work better that way, couldn't it? Yes, we can confirm that from experience.

We also like to integrate coupons for online stores or matching products into promotion campaigns.

There are endless possibilities for promotion, and it makes sense to develop an individual concept for each promotion. That is what we are here for :)
Just ask us and we will develop a bombastic and sustainable promotion campaign with you. 




We implement the production for your promotion campaign to prepare a special brand experience for your customers.


Our mobile media is the perfect complement to generate more awareness for your promotional campaign.


When it gets dark in the city, giant projections are an effective OOH tool. We implement projections with high-performance projectors on suitable spots. As projector ads are easy to implement, they are real bargains in the field of large-scale advertising and are therefore also suitable for guerrilla marketing campaigns, PR stunts, and for buzzing. We can use them on facades at Alexanderplatz, Berlin or on bridges in Milan. As with murals, we offer our services throughout Europe.


With our Coffee APE, you will look really good during your promotion. Contact us without obligation and we will be happy to advise you.


Tracking can help turn a simple promotion into a central and even scalable permanent advertising tool for your marketing strategy.

Tracking is the only way to demonstrably see whether performance field marketing is working or not. It goes further – campaigns can even be optimized for performance and ROI with proper tracking. Take, for example, a food delivery company running a promotional campaign in a busy street around 6 p.m. All the above points are met, of course, because ECHO POSTER has implemented the campaign. The food delivery company has coupons for shopping distributed, which can only be used with a QR code. Via the QR code, the interested parties can be tracked, and the food supplier knows how successful the campaign was based on the redeemed vouchers. If the food supplier is smart, they will create a channel in their marketing tool called Street Promotion and can then evaluate this channel in a similar way to other marketing channels to establish the promotion as a long-term advertising concept.

We help with setting up the tracking and in many cases, we can also realize the technical implementation if desired.




Our portfolio of standard street branding services is large and diverse – in addition to our standard services, we also have a huge list of "wanna-dos" that we would love to implement but haven't yet. We also do custom implementations for clients. Just contact us and we will discuss the possibilities of your individual campaign.


Contact us and we will plan the perfect appearance with you. We start with a target analysis of the campaign, work out ideal touchpoints, plan the sequence of a perfect appearance, select promoters and staff by hand, produce high-quality equipment, and ensure an unforgettable campaign. The full-service package from ECHO POSTER!



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