Go Big or Go Home

Mom is not always right. Sometimes more is simply more. You'll really stand out with these services from Echoposter.

Go Big or Go Home

Mom is not always right. Sometimes more is simply more. You'll really stand out with these services from Echoposter.

Mom is not always right. Sometimes more is simply more. You'll really stand out with these services from Echoposter.

You walk out the front door in the morning and first check your TikTok, Instagram, or LinkedIn account – and grab an iced latte. You soak up the posts and perceive the online advertising rather peripherally. Sometimes more – sometimes less. 


But hey! Haven't you long since resolved not to look at your cell phone so often? 


You drive along Warschauer Straße and see a huge mural of a food delivery service, in a cool comic look, pink and huge, on the right side. The brand already looks familiar, but now something happens. 


You see the mural because it stands out from the crowd. Although it is surreally gigantic, you experience it because it is actually real. You will remember it because you have emotions associated with it. Congratulations, dear persona, you had a real brand experience.




Out-of-home advertising is a central component of sustainable effective brand building. It helps brands to become part of the cityscape – to become part of the environment where your target group spends time. 

You cannot switch off offline advertising, but the target group generally screens out advertising first, because the mass of advertising often dominates the street scene. Guess what – you are not the only one who advertises. 

This brings us to the topic :) How do we stand out from the crowd? Large-format advertising always stands out – because it is in fact larger than conventional billboards and because these special advertising media are usually implemented with a particularly high level of creativity due to the advertising impact. 

At ECHO POSTER, our services are mainly focused on giant posters, street art murals, special implementations, and giant projections.


1,000 sq m (10,763 sq ft) of mesh banners on the facade of a huge publishing house at Alexanderplatz, Berlin. 300 sq m (3,230 sq ft) of banners at Marienplatz, Munich. 400 sq m (4,306 sq ft) at Hermannplatz, Berlin. A cross-section of the sizes and locations of the giant posters and scaffolding advertising. Mega posters are eye-catchers and often the icing on the cake of really big OOH campaigns. We have top locations across Germany at selected hotspots and attractive touchpoints.


Murals are hand-painted, photo-realistic, and detailed wall paintings that are applied with spray cans or brushes. These intricately designed giants are particularly eye-catching and aesthetic. You can see that the paintings are custom made and not mass-produced. This fact gives murals a special status that can hardly be conveyed in the same way with any other medium in outdoor advertising. We offer murals at top locations in Germany and throughout Europe.


When it gets dark in the city, giant projections are an effective OOH tool. We implement projections with high-performance projectors on suitable spots. The simple implementation makes projector ads a real bargain in the field of large-scale advertising. Projection ads are therefore also suitable for guerrilla marketing campaigns, PR stunts, and for buzzing. We can display on facades at Alexanderplatz, Berlin or on bridges in Milan. As with murals, we offer our services throughout Europe.


What kind of campaigns are these giant media used for? We have put together three exciting projects for you to get a little inspiration.


Treedom – air purifying murals throughout Europe


Since 2010, Treedom has planted more than 3 million trees in 17 countries and supported over 177,000 farmers. Treedom works with more than 8,000 corporate clients and 985,000 users. Treedom's goal? To make the planet greener.

In the name of this honorable approach, Treedom came up with a PR stunt. The goal was to plant 20,000 trees between Earth Day and World Environment Day. ECHO POSTER was tasked to design and implement the mural advertisement.

The requirements? To find suitable mural spots all over Germany. Obviously, everything had to be sustainable in some way, and obviously things had to move fast, because Earth Day was just around the corner.

The motif of the mural was a mango tree. However, not just a motif, but a mango tree that was to grow during the booking period.

The result was four murals in London, Milan, and Berlin, which were completed simultaneously and "just in time" for Earth Day. Since the carbon footprint of the campaign was to be kept as small as possible, we painted the murals with photocatalytic paints. Photocatalytic paints bind heavy metals and toxins from the air, thereby having an air-purifying effect. The murals were updated in three phases, during each of which the mango tree grew. The result was impressive, and the mango trees did not miss their target with their air-purifying effect.


Projector promotion for The Body Shop and Dove

The Body Shop planned a PR stunt in cooperation with Dove. The goal of the campaign? To project ads on special monuments and giant facades. But not just in one city. No, the cooperation was to be played out across Europe. Two weeks of planning and implementation in Berlin, Brussels, Milan, and Madrid.

After extensive scouting and matching of suitable locations, we got our teams and high- performance projectors on the road.

Our teams projected on Europe's biggest landmarks for over a week and were accompanied by photographers throughout. A successful PR stunt with projector ads.

Guerilla PR STUNT by ONE with huge PROJECTOR ADS


ONE is an international movement working to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases by 2030. ONE approached us for a PR stunt.

The idea: to make waves during the Bundestag elections. What would fit better than a giant projection on the Chancellor's Office and on the Paul Löbbe House right in front of the Reichstag?

No sooner said than done. The desired publicity did not fail to materialize:


Large-format media can have an enormous impact if used correctly. They can add great value to a brand's image and should always be considered as an advertising medium as part of a campaign or promotion. There are cheaper and more expensive versions. If you are interested in learning more, contact our OOH consultants to discuss your project in person.


Contact us and we will plan the ideal appearance with you. We start with a target analysis of the campaign, work out ideal touchpoints, plan the sequence of a perfect appearance, select promoters and staff by hand, produce high-quality equipment, and ensure an unforgettable campaign. The full-service package from ECHO POSTER!



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