Fly Posting Campaign Berlinfor Vestiare

Expensive taste without expensive bills – the Vestiaire Collective has quickly made a name for itself as a second-hand platform for luxury fashion in Germany as well. Founded in 2009 in the fashion metropolis of Paris, Vestiaire can now be accessed either via the website or the app and is used for both buying and selling. Fashion fans can indulge their passion for extravagant haute couture and accessories here, while looking after their wallets and the environment in equal measure.

We took this awesome approach to the fashion districts of the German capital and as part of a brand awareness campaign spread it by means of fly posting: the extensive billposting with snappy messages and unusual style took place for 20 days in October 2022.


Fly Posting

We arranged the posters with exaggerated figures and catchy lettering next to each other to form striking collages. In this way, we created impactful advertising spaces that the prospects were sure to come across. 

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