Nickel is a card provider that simplifies and makes banking services accessible. With their prepaid card, they offer an alternative to traditional bank accounts. Our campaign has contributed to promoting Nickel's services. Through digital marketing and local advertising, we were able to expand the reach of Nickel and spread the message of financial inclusion. In doing so, we are helping more people benefit from Nickel's innovative services.



Vibrant promotions outside Nickel branches attract attention and entice customers with attractive offers.



The LED truck illuminates the streets of Berlin, capturing all eyes with its vibrant advertising.



The Nickel campaign mascot joyfully distributed flyers to spread the company's message and attract customers.


Fly Posting

Nickel promotes their new stores in the city with flyposting to attract customers and celebrate the grand opening.



Schillerpromenade 39
12049 BerlinGermany

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