Mozilla City busand streetcar

The campaign with Mozilla was a resounding success! Utilizing a diverse range of tactics, we effectively disseminated the company's message. Trams and buses were branded to capture public attention, while LED bicycles traversed the city, drawing eyes. Additionally, we conducted flyer postings in multiple cities to maximize the campaign's reach. The creative integration of various advertising avenues allowed us to engage the target audience in diverse ways and successfully position Mozilla's brand.



The Cologne streetcar proudly displays Mozilla advertisements, celebrating the diversity of the internet and digital innovation.



A bus branded with Mozilla's logo travels through the city, educating people about privacy and a free internet.



The LED bikes illuminate the streets of Berlin, attracting all eyes with their vibrant advertising.


Fly Posting

Mozilla advertises its latest innovations in the web browser realm nationwide with eye-catching flyposters.



Schillerpromenade 39
12049 BerlinGermany

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