Touchpoint Campaign KYRÖ

Founded in a sauna, Kyrö Distillery is as Finnish as it gets. With its rye distillery, Kyrö has already won several awards and is best known for its uniquely created gin and whiskey: Water from Isokyrö, local sun-kissed rye and Finnish herbs make for a distinctive taste. We were tasked to make Europe’s northernmost brandy distillery better known in Germany with touchpoint posting: For this, we implemented fly posting with Kyrö at selected locations in Berlin, among other things, and dove into the nightlife together: In addition to our advertising campaigns, Kyrö specifically positioned its products in the bars in the streets we targeted.


Fly Posting

At the most important touchpoints around Berlin’s bar miles, we used wildly placed poster advertising to unerringly reach the night owls and revelers.


Sticker Bombing

Small but mighty – with sticker bombing in the city's nightlife districts, we created a charming street-style vibe to draw attention to the Finnish distillery.


Contour Posters

In order to play up street marketing and touchpoints even more, we placed contour posters in busy bar miles and other hotspots – exactly where cheerful prospects would notice Kyrö.

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