Fitmart, a pioneer in the sports nutrition industry, wanted to promote its latest More products to the young, sports-loving target group. But what is the best way to reach such an active and constantly moving target group? The answer: a food truck that is right where the students are - right on the university campus!

The Fitmart roadshow was a complete success! Students from all over Germany had the opportunity to try and experience the More products free of charge. The combination of delicious products, dedicated promoters and the influence of sports influencers left a lasting impression on the target group.

Together with Fitmart, the Echo Poster team developed a creative and effective campaign that struck a chord with the young target group. An impressive example of how to inspire with the right idea, the right concept and perfect implementation!


The Fitmart food truck:

Our mobile highlight! Equipped with the latest More products from Fitmart, the truck toured Germany and made stops at the country's largest universities.


Our promoters:

As brand ambassadors, we not only used our expertise and enthusiasm to convince the students to try the More products, but also successfully communicated the benefits of the products.


Project and location management

The backbone of every successful roadshow. Nothing was left to chance here:


Coordination with the universities: direct dialog with the university administrations ensured that the food truck was always positioned at the ideal locations.

Permit management: We took care of all the necessary permits and ensured that the roadshow ran smoothly.

Logistics : From the route of the food truck to the timely delivery of the More products - everything was meticulously planned and executed.

Media : A dedicated media team created live footage, photos and video clips that were used not only for social media but also for subsequent marketing campaigns.

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