Felyx Street Marketing

Don't feel like walking or using public transportation? No problem! The scooters from felyx can be found all over the capital. The Dutch start-up scores with an intuitively usable app and offers its e-scooters in a free-floating concept – a helmet is also included in their offering. In addition to
comfortable riding pleasure, the focus is on sustainability and access to smart transportation options for everyone. Emission-free and charged with eco-electricity, the e-scooters take city strollers safely from point A to point B. To extend its reach even further, felyx commissioned us with a street marketing campaign. We beat the advertising drum for the company and used various media for this purpose.


Fly Posting

For felyx, we implemented a fly posting campaign, with a large circulation and great effect – and where their scooters are on the road: on the streets of the German capital.


Contour Posters & Sticker Bombing

To make felyx ubiquitous in Berlin, we implemented sticker bombing and contour posters in a street look and paved the city with them – just as uncomplicated and casual as a ride with felyx.


Projector Ads

When it gets dark, our projectors come into action. Cruising through Warschauer Straße you see the Projector Ad from felyx shining on the facade.

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