Clark is a digital insurance manager that allows users to check and optimize their insurance coverage via app. As a combination of search engine, comparison portal and platform for the insurance portfolio, the insurance coverage can be easily viewed on the smartphone. We made sure that CLARK has a long-term presence in the Berlin cityscape. In addition to the regular Fly Posting, A1 (23" x 33") posters – mosaic and large – Multiposter Boards in the 8/1 (47" x 133") format were used to guarantee maximum generation of attention. 


Fly Posting

CLARK all over the city – thanks to uncomplicated fly posting, the capital city dwellers everywhere become aware of the insurance broker.


Multiposter Boards

Street style with style – with the multiposter boards we have staged the posters for Clark in Berlin in a very special way.


Easy Plates

The Easy Plates, with which we have made CLARK known on the streets of Berlin, are robust, inexpensive, and consistent partners in terms of range, even in bad weather.



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